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New service: Vital records from Moldova (Bessarabia)

Last update: December 2020

Are you a descendant of someone born in Bessarabia? The history of Bessarabia means that vital records of persons born there are now in either Ukraine or the Republic of Moldova.

RomanianDocuments.net can help you obtain your ancestor's vital records from the Republic of Moldova as well. As of December 2020 we have a contractual partner in Moldova.

Vital records in Bessarabia started with the Russian occupation of 1810. Throughout this period, they were exclusively religious (as in the example above). However, civil vital records were produced for "the colonist administration" (Bulgarian and Gagauz villages, until they set up their churches), as well as during the Romanian administration of Cahul, Ismail and Bolgrad (1856-1878). Both types of records are equally valid in Romania.

From the point of view of the holding institutions, the records are found in:

  1. The Central Civil Status Service of the Republic of Moldova (for most records after 1918) - this issues official extracts and certificates; and

  2. The National Archives of Moldova - Historical Section (for most records up to 1918) - this issues official copies.

Our contractual partner can procure records from both places.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, through its subsidiary Familysearch.org, has put online many of the vital records stored in the National Archives of Moldova (although not all). These are not indexed (i.e. one cannot search by name inside them). Our partner can look in these as well, for genealogical purpose, if you only need a scan of the birth record.

How is the record issued?

If you need the records of your ancestors for official purposes, they will come in the form of a certificate, official extract or official copy. In order to procure these, we will ask for the following documentation:

  1. A notarized power of attorney from you;

  2. Your birth certificate;

  3. Other foreign vital records, as appropriate, to prove your descent and entitlement to the record.

Unfortunately, the "online-only" service for Romanian records does not work in Moldova (unless you are looking for genealogical purposes alone and a scan / photocopy of a pre-1918 document is sufficient to you).

Can I use my ancestor's record abroad?

Records issued for official purposes by Moldovan authorities can be used in Romania with no further authentication, Apostille or translation.

For use in other countries, an Embassy authentication; an Apostille and an authentic translation may be needed. We can provide these based on the desired country of destination. Please specify in the smart form.

How can I obtain the desired vital record from Moldova?

The easiest way to do so is to contact us through our smart form. We will then walk you through all the bureaucratic steps needed to reach the vital record.

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