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List of states with which Romania has treaties abolishing legalization


The documents issued in Romania are exempted from Apostille or legalization in these states by virtue of bilateral treaties currently in force. This does not apply for the purpose of citizenship by application, because of an exceptional law to that effect. In that case, you still need an Apostille:

  • Albania 

  • Austria

  • Belgium (note that in practice the Apostille is asked for)

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Croatia

  • Serbia

  • Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / FYROM)

  • Montenegro

  • Bulgaria (note that in practice the Apostille is asked for)

  • Czech Republic

  • Slovakia

  • Republic of Moldova

  • Mongolia

  • Poland

  • Russia (Russian Federation)

  • Ukraine

  • Hungary

  • Cuba

  • North Korea (People's Democratic Republic of Korea)

  • China (People's Republic of China) (note that in practice the Legalization is asked for, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macao, where the Apostille is asked for)

  • France.

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