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Romanian baptism or religious records


The easiest way to obtain a Romanian baptism or religious record is to Contact Us!

If you would like to do it yourself, here are the steps you need to go through.


Identify the rite and the parish where the baptism took place, or the rite of which you are a member


You need to go to the specific parish where the event happened. If the parish no longer exists, you need to check with the superior religious institution. For the Christian Orthodox rite, the superior institution is the Metropolitan. To see a list of the rites recognized in Romania, with their contact details, click here.


Present yourself at the specific parish or religious institution


Check in advance what the working schedule of their office is. They are not usually open every day, and may be open on weekends. It is best to call in advance and speak with the parish priest, because these are unusual requests.


Bring the following documents


You should have with you:

  • Your identification document (your passport for foreign citizens), in original and a photocopy (xerox);

  • If possible, a photocopy (xerox) of the document, if you had one and it was lost / destroyed / stolen.


Note! You must be the person to whom the certificate relates.


Obtain the Ministry Attestation


Once you have obtained the religious document, in order to use it abroad, you will need to have it attested by a state institution. The only Romanian state institution competent to apply this attestation ('viza') is the State Secretariat for Religions ('Secretariatul de Stat pentru Culte').


Bring with you the religious document in original and a photocopy (xerox).


This service is usually done on the spot. Their contact details are on this page.


Apostille or Legalize your religious record


The religious record which you have obtained is not valid in most countries without an Apostille, or a Legalization. Please check the Apostille & Legalization page to find out which one you need and how to get it.


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