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Romanian Citizenship Check


After many legislative changes and a lot of accumulated experience, we have relaunched our citizenship service as a Citizenship Check. The purpose of this service is to see what kind of citizenship by descent you are entitled to, and provide you with a signposting service for the next steps.

Last update: August 2022.


Who can apply for Romanian Citizenship by Descent?


You can apply for Romanian Citizenship by Descent if you:

  • Have a parent who was a Romanian citizen at any point in their lifetime; or

  • Have a grandparent (any of four) who was a Romanian citizen at any point in their lifetime; or

  • Have a great-grandparent (any of eight) who was a Romanian citizen at any point in their lifetime and lost his/her Romanian citizenship against his/her will.

You are a Romanian citizen if either of your parents was a Romanian citizen at the time of your birth.

The Citizenship Check service is destined to help you choose the correct option for you. We will tell you:

a) whether your ancestor's birth record (essential for any application) can be found and retrieved;

b) whether your ancestor has formally lost their Romanian citizenship or not;

c) whether you must apply for citizenship, or you are already a citizen, and we can therefore just transcribe your records to obtain your passport.


What do I need for the Romanian Citizenship Check?


In order to use our services, you only need to fill in our smart form. It will request information on your Romanian ancestor (at the very least name, place of birth and month of birth). We can take everything from there and guide you through the required documents and procedures.


What services are included in the Citizenship Check?


The Romanian Citizenship Check includes:

A. Preliminary services:

1. E-mail consult. We clarify the plan of action, your goals, the time frame, and each step of the journey.

2. Advice for any necessary Power of Attorney.

3. Advice for any required documents from you.

B. Preparing Romanian documents:

4. Translation and legalization of your foreign documents. You will be using these whichever path you need to take for your citizenship by descent.

5. Romanian birth record or your ancestor. We work with other Romanian specialized legal providers to obtain the birth records of your ancestor, which is essential to any application. This is a new service. It is not possible for you to do so alone under normal circumstances.

6. General Passport Directorate inquiry. The GPD inquiry is the means to obtain the Romanian state's official reply on whether your ancestor died as a Romanian citizen or not (from the official point of view, regardless of what it says on the death certificate)

C. The result:

7. We will inform you whether you need to apply for citizenship, or you are already a citizen. If you need to apply for citizenship, we will help and guide you through this complex process. If you are already a citizen, we will make you an offer to transcribe your civil status records, which is a compulsory step towards obtaining a Romanian passport.

Apply Now!


If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to make a free inquiry now, by contacting us.

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