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Romanian genealogy has launched a Romanian genealogy service. Its backbone is a unique Romanian vintage media archive, which is constantly updated. We are now able to propose a new service, in three simple steps. With this service, you can find your ancestors' hidden histories, from Romanian vintage media. 

Find out whether your ancestors had properties, made dowries, were war heroes or outlaws. All the results come with translations and personalized context, to build up your family history. Here are the three simple steps.

From this initial search, we can then develop on to offline resources, such as archives and other data repositories, that may hold information about your ancestor. That is a bespoke service that will be offered once the initial vintage media results are in.

Inquire now!


Tell us about your ancestor


Just access this form, and tell us your ancestor's name, year of birth, and anything else you might already know.

This helps us filter the database results to those that most likely refer to your ancestor, and not persons with similar names.


Preliminary result and payment


After we look in our proprietary database, we return with a preliminary result indicating how many records have been found, and what the price would be. The price differs according to the number and complexity of the records. Usually, the first 3 records cost EUR 50,-. 

You don't pay anything unless you wish to receive the full report. Payment can be made simply with any credit or debit card, via a secure PayPal invoice. Once we have received your payment, we will create the full report.


Getting the full report


The results come in the form of a full report, which includes:

  • The personal details that we looked for;

  • Each reference that was found;

  • A translation of the source text;

  • Personalized context, explaining why that might have been, historical details that you should know, as well as any links between the sources;

  • Suggested further research avenues.

What are the sources?

At this point in time, we can search in a virtual database containing:

  • Most issues of Romania's Official Gazette for the years 1858-1948. This includes the non-official part, which was a sort of newspaper of record for everything, from document losses to dowries and land sales. There is almost one TB of individual name data in there, and uniquely in Romania, it is fully indexed;

  • Hundreds of inventories from Romania's National Archives, which contain links to the physical archives, as well as short descriptions of what may be found in the documents;

  • Romanian gazetteers, annals and almanacs;

  • General newspapers from the period 1866-1948.

Optional - extend your sources:

In the final part of the report, we will provide suggestions for further research, such as land registry records, notary records, and other public repositories of information.

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